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FOUNDED IN 1977, The Wavertree Society aims to IMPROVE local amenities and to PROTECT the local environment and architectural heritage, especially within the Wavertree Village and Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Areas. A member of the MERSEYSIDE CIVIC SOCIETY and the BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR LOCAL HISTORY.


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OUR ACHIEVEMENTS 1977-2023 include:

  • the designation of Wavertree Village as a CONSERVATION AREA
  • the rescue of the TOWN HALL from dereliction
  • the conversion of an eyesore site in the High Street into a ROSE GARDEN
  • the display of CONSERVATION AREA PLATES at the approaches to Wavertree Village and Wavertree Garden Suburb
  • the saving of the old ROSE BREWERY building from demolition and ROSE COTTAGE from disfigurement
  • the refurbishment of the Mill Lane SWING PARK
  • the fitting of a new mechanism to the PICTON CLOCK
  • the tightening-up of Conservation Controls within Wavertree GARDEN SUBURB
  • the saving of SANDOWN PLAYING FIELDS from development
  • the modification of SHOPFRONT DESIGNS in the High Street
  • the imposition of TREE PRESERVATION ORDERS on the Cenacle Convent and Olive Mount Hospital sites
  • the NAMING OF STREETS after historical sites and personalities
  • the retention of the historic LAMB inn name
  • the restoration of the former SMALLEST HOUSE fa├žade
  • the creation of a LINEAR PARK, complete with SUPERLAMBANANA, within the Olive Mount Redevelopment
  • the removal of inappropriate STREET FURNITURE and redundant SIGNAGE from Wavertree High Street
  • the promotion of Wavertree’s uniquely interesting HERITAGE AND LEGENDS in local newspapers, radio and on TV
  • regular participation in HERITAGE OPEN DAYS (opening the Lock-up to the public every September)
  • the publication of our books DISCOVERING HISTORIC WAVERTREE and ‘WAVERTREE’ (Images of England)
  • the issuing of a new ADVISORY LEAFLET for the Wavertree Village Conservation Area
  • the installation of HERITAGE PLAQUES on local buildings and monuments.