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Download our 2022/23 MEMBERSHIP LEAFLET

If you LIVE in, WORK in or simply have an INTEREST in the Wavertree area of Liverpool – Past, Present and Future – WHY NOT JOIN US ?

FOUNDED IN 1977, the Wavertree Society aims to IMPROVE local amenities and to PROTECT the local environment and architectural heritage, especially within the Wavertree Village and Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Areas.

The more members we have, the more influential we can hope to be. All our Committee Members are unpaid volunteers; but postage, printing, hire of meeting-rooms and so on all costs money.

Simply send the appropriate annual subscription to the Membership Secretary at 338 Wavertree Nook Road, Liverpool L15 7LJ. Note that the Society’s membership year ends on 30th September, but payment of your first subscription ensures delivery of Newsletters for at least twelve months.

Household £5          Company, etc. £10